Admin Magic

One of my end goals is to make the site as easy to update as possible. With WordPress, I can create a custom area in your WordPress Admin where all your books reside. Book pages will include inputs for bookstore buy links, publisher, illustrator, and any other info you need.

Upload your cover once and it will populate throughout the site.

Individual book pages control all the information about their books, which means that updating a cover or title requires only one stop. The site’s code will handle it from there.

Each book in a series will link to every other book in that series, even as you add more books. New books will automatically appear on the book page and anywhere else they need to be.

This functionality isn’t just limited to books—have a podcast, comic, or specific content collection to keep organized? I can setup separate custom areas designed specifically to what you need.

Have a site?

Have a Wordpress site?

I can also implement this setup into your current Wordpress design.

Pleased with your current site? All this functionality can be added to most WordPress themes. You don’t need a redesign to make updates easier or your library more organized.

Let's get organized



Site help for any platform.

I am happy to update or troubleshoot any site, regardless of whether I built it or not. This can be adding new content, fixing a messy script, or updating major or minor elements within the design. Simply send me the scope of the edits via email or the contact form, and I’ll send a quote.

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