The process is easy

I design for WordPress and page builders like Squarespace and Wix. To begin we’ll discuss what you’d like in a site—style, mood, and function—and I’ll mockup some designs. These will grow and change as you provide input. I design to spec and try to get as close to your vision as possible. Once the site is live you’ll get a video tutorial, walking you through how to update your content yourself.

& sites are easy to maintain

One of the advantages of working with me (and WordPress) is that I’ll customize the backend of the site to make updates easy. “Books” have their own link in the WordPress dashboard, with custom textboxes for book buy links (Amazon, B&N, Bookbub, etc). You can upload your book cover in one place—and it will populate throughout the site. Have a series? Each individual book page will automatically feature and link to other books in the series. Your main book page will list all your titles with no effort on your part. It’s automatic. Life is hard enough, sites should be easy.

A few clients include: Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff, Kathryn Purdie, Cortney Raymond, Tricia Levenseller, Sarah Glenn Marsh, and Nina Berry.


Organized & automated

WordPress gives you the most power as a user, the most individualized design, and the deepest level of function. Most things are possible in WordPress. It’s a great option if you have a lot of books or series and need a nicely organized library that’s easy to maintain. Make a change on one page (like swapping out a book cover), and that change will reflect across the site. Includes Gravity Forms (& its elite perks) for free.

WordPress costs the most up front but the cheapest in the long run, as WordPress hosting is often half the monthly (or yearly) fees of site builders like Squarespace or Wix.

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The site builders

This includes the setup and customization of a Squarespace or Wix site. Both are useful and powerful platforms. They’re both limited in how deep customization can go, and Squarespace sites especially will always carry a Squarespace look—which is a good look, very much on trend. Very professional, if not unique. Wix offers a little more flexibility for doing something different. The best platform depends on which you feel most comfortable using.

Nothing in Squarespace or Wix is automated, which means if you change something on a page that you’d like to reflect across the site (say a newsletter box) it won’t. You’ll need to update it on all pages individually. However, for some the visual aspect of the editors make the trade-offs worth it.

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